About Us

Southern Geo Projects Private Limited is Headquartered in chennai and is incorporated in the year 2016 under the able guidance of the chief promoters and directors of the Company. Ours is a company with ideals. Ideals which have shaped our journey and given us impetus to work towards being acknowledged as the most credible company in this business. We are consistently humble in our approach and interactions with people. We treat every person with respect at all times, unconditionally.We recognize that organization interest is supreme, above individual preferences and goals. In all our decisions, actions and dealings we put the Organization before self. We look upon challenging circumstances as opportunities to enhance our capabilities and find ways of achieving. We own up to our words, actions and outcome. When we commit to do something, we own it and we do it- decisively and responsibly. We work harmoniously with a shared vision, energized by our collective talent.We strive to continuously learn and consistently set higher standards of performance. We learn together on a day-to-day basis.We change to learn, and learn to change at a fast pace in order to excel; ultimately creating an edge in everything that we do.

We believe that our job is not just to build homes but also to build lifelong relationships with our customers. No project is executed without the help of the finest architects, designers and contractors, and the end result is always splendid. Delving deeper into intricacies of real estate, we understand the needs of our clientele and offer most serene and peaceful living. Our projects are designed to interact with nature. Luxury is a priority and no compromises are made when it comes to the comfort of our valued customers. Because of our obsession with realty, the end result is always a landmark planned with Passion & Innovation.

Our Vision

To be the most respected and admired infrastructure Company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop state of the art infrastructure through innovation, quality, and high productivity which enriches the lives of people.‚Äč

Core Values

1. Accountability
2. Positive Attitude
3. Continuous Learning
4. Social Responsibility
5. Organisation Before Self
6. Achievement Drive
7. Humility & Respect
8. Integrity
9. Team work